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Confessions of A Goddess....

Do you have a confession? Well, I will start... I remember a time in my life when I struggled with forgiveness. This was in my late teens early 20's. I felt as if you did me wrong I did not have to forgive because of my loyalty to people. It affected me when others hurt me and I struggled with forgiving them for the pain they may have caused. However, over time I realized it was stealing my peace. Holding on to unforgiveness in your heart will surely lead to destruction. Think about it, you are compromising your peace, time, sleep, trust not to mention it's mentally draining.

You can find peace by forgiving those who may have wrong you. It's not easy, especially depending on the situation however, ask God to help you with forgiveness and peace to move on. Holding a grudge will only contribute to a life of defeat! Remember, we are granted one life therefore don't waste time on things that do not add to your life. We have no time for negativity. Keep it moving like a Goddess, we got the juice!

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